Greetings and blessings to my sisters and brothers in Christ.nicky3

As I have been recently Ordained a Deacon (July 2018), I thought it was time to update my profile on the Mease Valley Website.

I am enjoying my role as Deacon and Curate for the Mease Valley churches, as a Deacon I am encouraged to be ‘outward’ looking, to be aware of the role of ministry in our parishes, the local area, countrywide and globally.

I have been helping raise funds at the Harvest service in Chilcote for a charity abroad, working with the Tamworth Winter Night Shelter Project, and accepted the role of Church Tent Coordinator for Stafford Show.

I have also been assisting Rev John, Rev Stewart and Jackie as part of the ministry team, to conduct ‘non-sacramental’ services. (Non-Sacramental means I am unable to perform marriages or preside at the Holy Communion table) and visited a good share of Community Café’s, to ensure that everything is as it should be (Cakes: yummy. Toasted tea cake: yummy)!! 😊


With God’s blessing and with the oversight of Bishop Michael I will be called before the Bishop in June 2019 to be ordained into the Priesthood and this will enable me to grow as a member of the ministry here in the Mease Valley and with further training and guidance from the team I will be encouraged to preside at Holy Communion and conduct marriage services.


It is a true privilege to be in this role and I thank God every day for the guidance, support and love which I receive, and which keeps me focused on Jesus Christ, my saviour and my God.

nicky1During my Deacon year I have been encouraged by the baptism families that have allowed me to be a part of their child’s special day, as we have gathered together in the sight of God and with the Church family to welcome and accept them into the love and light of Christ.

I continue to pray everyday for everyone of you in the Mease Valley as we learn and grow and nourish each other in the way of Christ, please continue to pray for me as I progress on this amazing and fulfilling journey.

Yours in Christ

Revd Nicola Busby


If you are interested in exploring the pathway to ministry, then please follow the link below


Or talk to, John, Stewart, Jackie or me. We would love to hear your call.

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