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Welcome if you are new to our page This morning. Our Sunday services video page is right here.  Below you will find our Sunday services during lockdown ready to see. Do get in touch if you would like to ask us anything or to speak to someone, our details are below.

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Sunday 27th Sept.

We are looking this morning ‘at making choices and having the ability to choose.’  Settle down with a cup of tea/coffee, and enjoy. Readings read this week by my sister in Australia: Diane and also Bill Field. Thank you to both of them for helping out.

Have a great Sunday and hope to see you soon,

Our ‘in church’ services are both at 10.15am this morning:

St Andrew’s Church, Clifton Campville Harvest Festival

St Peter’s Church, Elford, Holy Communion.

Have a great Sunday and hope to see you soon,

Sunday 20th Sept.

St. Paul’s heartfelt letter to the Philippians brings a conflicting decision for the apostle to make about whether he goes on in service to the churches and to God, or resigns himself to death and a fitting end to his ministry. imprisoned as he is, the decision may be taken out of his hands.

Inspiration for today and hope for tomorrow.
Paul conquers his feelings and upholds to draw near to God in whatever his end may look like.

This mornings service is recorded at St. Andrew’s Churchyard in the Mease Valley and contains the bible reading for today, prayers and music too. You can download our readings for this morning right here.


Sunday 13th Sept.

Make yourself a cuppa, grab your bible and take a comfy seat.

This week we are focusing on forgiveness: giving it and receiving it!

How many times should we offer forgiveness, 7 times? 70 x 7 times? When is enough, enough?

Sit back and enjoy, readings, hymns and prayers with a reflection to make you think 😊

As well as our online service video this weekend, we have services taking place at St. Andrew’s Clifton Campville at 10.15am for Holy Communion and also a service at St. Peter’s church Elford, 10.15am for Praise and Worship. Places of Worship are still open on alternative Sunday’s and with Covid measures in place for our protection


September 6th.

Coming to you this week from the Small Hamlet of Chiclote, in the Mease Valley and from the Rural Church of St. Matthew’s. Our Reader Jackie Tyler, presents the Gospel message and explains how it is vital for our own moral and spiritual character. Our service contains a reading, a beautiful hymn to a well known tune, and prayers from the congregation. Why not join us for a service this morning, or anytime of the day!

We are also having two services in our buildings this weekend, one at Harlaston church for a Traditional (Socially distanced) Holy Communion at 8.45am. Also for a Service of Praise and Worship at Edingale church that was featured just last week. the service is at 10.15am and you would be welcome.

Sunday, August 30th.

The Life of the Christian is marked by love and the transforming presence of God’s Holy Spirit. Having looked at the work of the Holy Spirit in Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, we now look at Paul’s teachings to the early church about the Hallmarks of Christ’s Love for one another and for those outside the community of faith.  Paul’s words are not for the faint hearted but are intended to provoke and challenge our attitudes and behaviour.

You can download our readings sheet right here to follow.

Sunday, August 23rd.

Good morning one and all.

Welcome to our weekly Online offering of Worship and Praise, this week is 23rd August 11th Sunday after Trinity.

Grab a bible, light a candle, and settle down for prayers, bible readings, reflection and a chance to share the faith of following Jesus Christ.

This week Jackie Tyler helps us to reflect on the question that Jesus asks of his disciples and still asks of us today: ‘Who do you say I am?’ We are being asked to put our faith out there and give our answer: who do we say Jesus is? Where do we share the information and to whom?

Your answer will be personal to you and to your relationship with Christ.

Let us share together in the joy of praising and worshipping Christ.

We hope you enjoy the service the readings can be found on the document attached with the prayer for today and a closing prayer.

Our services in church this Sunday are both at 10.15am

Edingale Holy Trinity Holy Communion

Harlaston St Matthew’s Family Worship

Take care and God bless.

Sunday, August 16th.

This weekend we find ourselves remembering 75 years ago: the end of WW2 and V J Day: Victory in Japan.

As we look back and send our prayers of thanks to all those who gave their lives so that we can experience our freedom today: we shall explore the passage from Romans 8:31-39, Paul writes to the Romans and tries to enable them to see that they will receive comfort and compassion from God, that nothing that happens on Earth can separate them or us from the Love of God.

So, join us in this online service, pick up a candle and match on your way, along with your bible and a cuppa.

There is an opportunity to join in with prayers, lighting your candle and an Act of Rededication to witness to and empower Peace. Peace in our own lives and of those around us.

Should you wish to talk some more, please contact us.

Sunday, August 9th.

Services this morning are taking place at Holy Trinity, Edingale and St. Andrew’s, Clifton Campville. Both at 10.15am and with social distancing and hand sanitizing in place.

Our Sunday Video today comes from out in the country side in the Mease Valley. Revd. John considers the Spiritual Temperature of our faith and practice in a bid to raise the temperature.  There is time to pray and a most beautiful song to join in that will touch the heart.

What is it about your Spiritual Life that you would like to explore and nurture and grow with the help of God and his Church (the people)?

Sunday, August 2nd.

Good morning and welcome. Today is our second weekend trying out two of our churches for Sunday services in the buildings and also keeping our online videos coming out too.  Thanks for the feedback everyone last week. Our video will appear below.

It is with caution and social distancing in place that we are meeting today at St. Matthew’s Church, Harlaston (8.45am Holy Communion) and at St. Peter’s Church, Elford (10.15am.)

Today is the 8th Sunday after Trinity and we are exploring ‘Feeding the 5000’ a familiar biblical story which gives us a wonderful message.

Boil the kettle and settle down with a nice hot cuppa, and don’t forget to grab your bible: Matthew 14:13-21, enjoy prayers, reading, drama, reflection, more prayers and get you vocal chords ready for a well-known beauty to finish!!

We do hope that you continue to enjoy our weekly online offering:

Look, see and use what is around you and believe in the power of our Saviour and King, Jesus Christ.

July the 26th, Pleasing to God and Working Together.

Good morning and welcome to the weekend. Today is our first weekend trialing out two of our churches for a Sunday service in the buildings.  It is with caution and social distancing in place that we are attempting this both at Clifton and and at Edingale this week at 10.15am. Next week we are going to try the same at Harlaston (8.45am) and Elford (10.15am) church buildings as well.  We are also going to be continuing to use video to connect with our congregations at home and further a field. A slightly shorter format is going to be used going forward but we would really value your feedback as we move ahead.

This morning our Sunday video is filmed on the theme of pleasing God and working together. It will go live on Sunday morning 26th July and be ready to watch.

July the 19th, Paul and life in the Spirit.

Our reading sheet can be downloaded here.

Our Sunday service is coming to you this week from Clifton Campville!

The Christian life is authenticated by the Spirit of God coming to live in the life of the believer. The Spirit of God alive in us and transforming us from the inside out.

The Christian hope lies in the promises of Jesus in the here and now. We are God’s children. It is a hope for today, and for the future, as we look for God’s Kingdom to come fully and finally into our world. A life eternal.

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July the 12th, The Parable of the Sower

An opportunity to explore a well known ‘parable’, story which allowed Jesus to teach and share the love of God. Join us on the journey, come follow Jesus and watch to see if your seed will grow.

Sunday 12th July. Our reading sheet can be downloaded here.

Today we are looking at Psalm 65:9-13 and Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23.

Grab a coffee, your bible and enjoy the journey of a well-known ‘parable’

The Parable of the Sower: We welcome you to St Matthew’s Chilcote today, thank you to everyone who helped produce this short service.

Where do our seeds fall? Where do we find ourselves, during our journey with Christ? Can we accommodate those who are deaf or blind to God’s word?

Almighty and everlasting God, by whose Spirit the whole body of the Church is governed and sanctified: hear our prayer which we offer for all your faithful people, that in their vocation and ministry they may serve you in holiness and truth to the glory of your name; through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.


The video ends in silence, please use the short time to cast your seed in whichever way seems appropriate: metaphorically ‘broadcast’ God’s word to the world.

Service of Healing and Wholeness

Sunday 5th July 2020

This Sunday we have taken the opportunity to offer a healing service to try and offset some of the pain, suffering and weariness that we might be feeling.

When we offer ourselves to christ as disciples, as followers of Him, we are welcomes into His healing embrace. We can be certain of Him in these times of uncertainty. He will shoulder our burden and help us through this unprecedented situation. ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest…. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light’.

Pray, Believe, Recieve. Click here for our reading sheet

Thank you for watching. God Bless and stay safe

A Staged Return of our Church Buildings for individual prayer.

Harlaston: We aim to have a staged return for the opening of our buildings beginning with St. Matthew’s Harlaston (15.06.20) open each day there after 10am-4pm for individual prayer and contemplation. The first Sunday Service is scheduled for Sunday 2nd August, 8.45am.

Elford: We have opened St. Peter’s church, Elford (22.06.20) Opening there after on on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays 10am-4pm also for individual prayer. The first Sunday service is scheduled for Sunday 2nd August, 10.15am.

Clifton Campville: We assessed St. Andrew’s church, Clifton Campville and make the necessary adjustments to get parts open also.  We are opening on Sunday’s and Thursday’s for individual prayer and contemplation, 10am – 4pm (from the end of June.) and have our first Sunday service scheduled for Sunday 26th July, 10.15am

Edingale: At Holy Trinity Church Edingale we have made arrangements to open for our first scheduled Sunday service on Sunday 26th July, 10.15am.

St. Peter’s Tide, the 28th June 2020


Our service this morning was filmed in the village of Elford, where just last year Rev’d Nicola was ordained to the priesthood and took her promises in Lichfield. She presided at her first Communion service here at Elford. This year due to the virus, many of these new ordinations and appointments in the C.of.E will have been postponed.

The church at Elford takes its name from Jesus’ disciple Peter whom, Jesus called the rock on whom he would build his church.  Peter and Paul’s lives and deaths are remembered at this time of year as they lost their lives under the Roman Empire around AD. 64-67.  All these years later we look to Jesus, just as they did, for our guidance and our strength.

Our service will be available just below to join, and our readings sheet can be downloaded here.


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Fathers Day, the 21st June 2020.

Our service video has some technical difficulties this week and we are struggling to get it online. Many apologies

We have a special message for Father’s Day from the Church of England ready here

and below is a service for our colleagues at the C.of.E 

We will do our best to upload the Mease Valley Service once it is ready.

You can download our Sunday Service Readings Sheet here.

1st Sunday after Trinity, the 14th June 2020.

Today’s service is coming to you from St. Matthew’s Church in Harlaston. We will be looking at how we can build our endurace, our character and our Hope.

We aim to have a staged return for the opening of our buildings beginning with St. Matthew’s Harlaston tomorrow morning (15.06.20) 

You can find out more about our Church at Harlaston here.

You can download our Sunday Service Readings Sheet here.

Just click below for our service.  (Our contact details can be found below)


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You can also find us on facebook at measevalleychurches

Trinity Sunday, the 7th June 2020.

Today’s service is coming to you from Holy Trinity Edingale.

You can find out more about our Church at Edingale here.

You will be able to access our Sunday service and reading sheet from here this morning.

You can download our Sunday Service Readings Sheet here.


Pentecost Sunday, 31/05/20.

The coming of the Holy Spirit and the The Birthday of the Early Church,

Today is Pentecost, when we remember God’s Holy Spirit given to his first disciples in Jerusalem. it is thought of as being like the birth day of the early church. This Sunday we film our first Holy Communion since the Lockdown. Although we cannot all share in Holy Communion together as one, we can can share it spiritually as a church.

St. Andrew’s Chantry Chapel, Clifton Campville was the location for our service today. The Christian markings on the wall of the chapel take us right back to the herriage of worship and prayer at St Andrew’s in the 13th-14th Centuries. Our church buildings have been closed for many weeks but our faith and our services continue.  We hope you enjoy.

You can download our readings sheet for today here.


Sunday the 24th May 2020 (The Seventh Sunday after Easter)

SUNDAY after Ascension Day

‘Jesus Christ exalted with great triumph to heaven’

Today’s Reading Sheet can be downloaded here to accompany the service.


Sunday the 17th May 2020.

Our service today picks up the traditional practice of Rogation Tide. God’s blessing of the land and all it produces. 


A prayer for Rogation Tide.

Dear Lord and Father, we are sorry that we so often forget that
all creation belongs to you, and that you have made us
responsible for its wellbeing. Forgive us for the damage we
have inflicted on our mother earth, and on our fellow creatures –
the birds and the animals, and so much wildlife. Help us to turn
to you, to change our ways and in humble love and service to
cherish your whole creation. Amen

Today’s Reading Sheet can be downloaded here to accompany the service.

Sunday, 10th May. VE Day Celebrations.  We have a video recorded for you this weekend to enjoy from the safety of your own home. See below.

You can find a copy of the reading sheet here to follow the bible readings. During the start of the service you will be asked if you would like to light a candle. You may like to have one to hand to join in.



Sunday, 3rd May. Mease Valley Churches Service. ‘I am… The Sheep Gate’.

Here is our latest Bible reading sheet to download so that you can follow the reading yourself and the others set for today. Here also is a prayer and poem to take with you.

This morning’s service will begin with a welcome from Elford and Clifton Campville, two of our villages from familiar faces in the Mease Valley.  Revd. Nicky Busby head’s out to the near by sheep fold to bring into focus Jesus’ intimate words to his followers ‘I am…. The sheep gate’ there is a time of prayer at the end led sensitivity by our Reader, Jackie Tyler.  If you would like to interact with one or more of our staff we can be available to arrange a call, or a zoom meeting, a messenger video call, or Skype meeting to say hello or to answer any questions. Details below.

Our contact details:

Our Rector:

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Our Licensed Reader:

You can also find us on facebook at measevalleychurches

Sunday, 26th April. Mease Valley Churches Service. The Road to Emmaus.

Here is our latest Bible reading sheet to download so that you can follow the reading.

This service has a time of silence for the late Revd. Stewart Tyler and questions are asked about knowing Jesus for ourselves.  If you do have questions and hurdles to your faith, however small, we would love to hear from you.

Our Rector:

Our Curate:

Our Licensed Reader:

You can also find us on facebook at measevalleychurches

Sunday 19th April. Mease Valley Churches Service of Healing and Wholeness.

This service is dedicated to Revd. Stewart and Jackie Tyler.   Revd. Stewart, we are sorry to say died at home on Friday night. This service was recorded the same week. Our sincere thanks and prayers are with his family.  We are assured that Stewart is with our Lord and Saviour Jesus, and lives on.

Here is our Bible reading sheet to download.

Easter Sunday Greetings to you!!

Here below is our service for you to join in with on Easter day after 5am. Just press play and make full screen!


Good Friday, Friday 10th April. Jackie Tyler will be leading a 2pm Service of Reflection on the Cross. This will be available here for you to join in. The word for the hymn can be found HERE

Here below is a series of links to our Service for Palm Sunday for Sunday 5th April.  Why not join us. (Click the play button on one or more, and make it full screen) you can also find our order of service here to print. 

Here below is a link to our Service for Action again poverty from last week. Sunday 29th March and the service order. Why not join us. (Click below on the play button, and make full screen) you can find the order of service here.