Fundraising for Clifton Campville Church

‘Parish Funding Campaign’ during the Covid-19 lockdown, June 2020.

Here at St. Andrew’s Church we are embarking on a much needed funding campaign. We will be writing in the June edition of the Parish Magazine, writing to residents in the Parish (parishioners) and using our social media, to help share our concerns and financial situation, to invite your kindness, and your support as we look to provide for the future of St. Andrew’s Church in our village.


You can find a copy of our letters and information booklet just below to read and to consider your support.

A copy of our letter that is going to existing financial supporters.

A copy of our letter that is going out to residents / parishioners in Clifton Campville.

Increasing the amount of  regular, weekly or monthly donation using gift-aid is our goal during our campaign. Particularly while we are unable to run events, services, cafes etc.., The ongoing life and ministry of the church rests as always on the goodwill and generosity, time and talents of everyone around.

If you would like to explore regular giving we can help you, or if you would prefer to make a one off donation during this campaign, or at any time, we have a button just at the bottom of the page to help you.


A PDF file to read of our booklet


Online Donation button for Clifton

If you press this button above you can give online to St. Andrew’s church.  It will also allow you to gift aid your amount to make it go much further, it can issue a receipt too.