Online donations page

Donating could not be easier

Would you like to make a donation to a specific Church in the Mease Valley? As part of the Diocese of Lichfield, with the Donate Now button from Data Developments now you can.

Simply click on the button below,  follow the form and on the second page you will be asked which Church you would like to receive your kind donation. Here is a list of our churches in The Mease Valley.

  • Chilcote S. Matthew
  • Clifton Campville S. Andrew
  • Edingale Holy Trinity
  • Elford S. Peter
  • Harlaston S. Matthew


There is a Gift Aid option plus an option for donors to cover the transaction cost if they want to. As with Contactless and Giving Direct, funds are received into the diocesan bank account as the registered charity and then passed on to the respective churches as soon as possible along with a report showing when the donations were made.