Prayer resources and charities that support Good Mental Health

We are working to compile some resources to help people while at home or out on daily exercises. These will gradually also include resources for good mental health. Many of our resources are drawn from our Church of England main site and a link can be found below for further supoort and resources.

During the lockdown you can join our Cathedral in Lichfield daily at 1pm in the afternoon as we have prayers as part of Lichfield Diocese. Here’s our link below


The effects of mental health problems are huge, and given the challenging times we are living in with coronavirus, it’s more important than ever that we take steps to support good mental health.

To that end, the Church of England have updated our mental health reflections booklet with new material to provide hope, reassurance and comfort, you can download it below:


10961•Mental Health Reflections_WEB


  ‘The Wild Worship Field Guide’ from


Sunday Evening 5pm lighting a candle.

We are asking people to safely light a candle and to say a prayer with us at 5pm each Sunday evening where possible. You can follow this link to find out more.

Prayer Changes Things -final